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Topic: Applying for Masters of Social Work

hi writer, Thanks for the great work you do of me. I have learn to gain some trust in you. Please i am applying for a master program for master of social work. could you please help me answer some questions. I willpay for all the extra cost. I have also uploaded it in the file. i willpay for any extra cost please.

here are the questions:
300 or more words for EACH

In registering in the MSW program what are your expectations, goals and learning needs? In discussing this question, please consider the following: your academic goals; your professional reasons for pursuing graduate education; how your attributes and qualities can contribute to the learning environment.

Discuss your Practicum area of interest with specific reference to the following:
learning goals; current knowledge; skill set, academic and research interests related to practicum; area(s) of interest, including any particular type of agency or specific field of practice that you would like the School to consider; qualities of the field instructor with whom you would like to work;
challenges you face as a MSW student completing field practice; and how you plan to address these.

Outline a contemporary social problem of interest to you, why it is of interest, and the practice implications of the social concern. Please consider the following in your response:
What is the specific social concern of interest to you and why is it an important topic?
What are the major issues surrounding the problem? Relate your personal and professional experience, along with your theoretical foundation/formal practice approach to the issue area.
What are the ethical issues surrounding this social concern?
How would you, as a social worker, attempt to address this social concern in practice?
How have your personal and professional relationships informed your values and approach to this concern?
How can the course of study offered at Master of social work program assist you in working with this social concern?

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