Starbucks entry into china

Starbucks entry into china

Paper details:
Project Instructions: For each project, you will write a full 4 page, double-spaced Marketing Management Project Report, written in Calibri 11-point font, 1 inch margins. Need 4 full pages of report narrative, plus a citation page. Write it in an official Management Report format with the following Major Report Headings: Name/CRN #/Date Report Heading Titles of Marketing Management Project: 1. Key Marketing Management Issues to be Solved (From the case’s 3-5 questions, clearly define what Issues you are researching and trying to solve) 2. Background of the Problem – Marketing Issues uncovered in Marketing Case and similar marketing issues you uncover in your Research. 3. Research Found, Analysis of Key Issues and Discuss Key Findings. Use right # of Peer-Reviewed Journals & Other Approved Business Sources. 4. Detailed Recommendations to Marketing Management, with your Next Steps. All Citations on separate page Grading: Project content- Issues, Background, Research/Analysis, and Recommendations 75% Organization/Format of Project/Solid Research Citations 15% Spelling/Grammar 10% Requirements/Recommendations on your research style and writing style: As part of this paper, you will research, find, and cite at least 2 peer-reviewed management or marketing journal articles from the list that I provide, 2 reputable websites, and 2 reputable business magazine articles or research studies that have current material pertaining to the selected subject. Failure to use the required management report format will lead to significant deductions. Failure to provide the required number of pages of text will lead to significant deductions. WIKI is not an acceptable resource. There will be deductions for using it. Tie the textbook concepts into the current articles/websites you find. Cite all websites, articles, or other materials you use. APA citation format is required – See the Purdue University OWL Link for APA formatting instructions. Citations must be both in the body of the paper and on an additional citation page. Citing a source at the end of the paper, but not using it and citing it in the body of your paper, is unacceptable. Your citation page is not to be included in the required four page paper, but it is an added page at the end of the paper. Each Small Business Management Project must be completed as a Microsoft Office Word file and submitted to the Angel drop box as a Word file attachment. Include your name, CRN, and assignment. All Management Projects must be submitted through Turnitin Drop Boxes in Angel, which will assess papers for originality and highlight to me possible plagiarism. Do not cut and paste any sources into your papers or try to modify a few words when copying a source. These are automatic flags in the Turnitin Drop Box. You can quote a sentence or so from a resource with quotation marks, but make sure you place a citation regarding the quotes in parentheses directly after the quoted sentence. Your best bets are to emphasize citations throughout your paper regarding sources, but you must use your own words in what you learned from a source. Remember – spelling and grammar count. There are deductions for each spelling and grammar error. You should avoid the use of words like I, me, my, he, she, we, them, they, their, etc. Keep in mind this is a formal business research paper. It must be objective and not reflect personal opinion. A few words of caution on the way I read and grade management reports: · I start at the Sources/Citations to see what type of investigation you initiated. · I briefly check your recommendations; then, I start reading from the top of the report and down through the report to see how you framed the management issue at hand, and how you investigated the background of the issue in your literature search. · Then I look to how you developed alternatives and potential strategies to solve the management issue. · Finally, I re-read the recommendations to see if you generated solid recommendations from your research and analysis. Impress me on what you found out and what you recommend. · SPELL CHECK.

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