Government regulations ofSex

Government regulations ofSex

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Case Study • needs a introduction and conclusion. • 2 sources beside the text book • Don’t forget the discussion at the end of book. • The textbook Im using is J, Shafritz and C. Borick(2011)Cases in Public Policy and Administration. Pearson: United States IBSN: 978-0-205- 60742 Students are required to answer the Following six (6) and the question(s) presented at the end of the case study. 1.What are the facts available in the case? 2.What are the assumptions made in the case? 3.What conclusions do you draw from these facts and assumptions? 4.What theories, common prescriptions, or legal doctrines are relevant to the case? 5.What experiences have you had that come to mind when reading this case, and What have you learned from these experiences that helps you here? 6.What recommendations did you make, for whom, and why

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