Sovereignty and intervention after the cold war

Case Study

The 2002 US National Security Strategy was published in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and constitutes the most coherent statement of the rationale behind the “war on terror”. The document outlined a particular understanding of post-Cold War international relations which had profound implications for sovereignty; in particular the document challenged the notion of sovereign equality and the laws governing the use of force against sovereign states. From our perspective in 2015 the document comes at a mid-point in the post-Cold War era and thus – in addition to the controversy and debate it inspired – constitutes an important juncture in the evolution of sovereignty.

Case Study Project: Structure
• 1,500 words
• Introduction
• Main Body
• Conclusion
• References: Harvard

what you please should do is

Discuss the document’s relationship with the debates on sovereignty and intervention in the 1992-2002 period; to what extent did the strategy build on a growing trend or was it a break with the evolution of perspectives on sovereignty?

• What was the nature of the 1992-2002 debates?
– Key themes/issues/controversies

• What was the dominant position?
– Was there a particular Western view?
– Was the dominant voice the loudest or the most widely supported?

• Are there links between NSS & earlier debates? – Evolution or break?
– Pre and Post 9/11 & Pre and Post Cold War


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