Socrates & Plato

Textbook•Soccio, D. J., Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy, 7th or 8th Edition, Cengage Learning.Simply Answer 4 questions. This is not an essay… No formatHuman NatureDo you think Plato’s analysis of human nature into three parts – appetitive, spirited, and rational – is still useful? Suggest anoccasion or example of when this way of analyzing a person, or groups of people, seems useful. (Note: Plato’s ‘spirited’ is more likephysical drive & energy; it is not supernatural or mystical.)DeityWhat do you think of Plato’s idea that God could be co-eternal with other things? In other words, some things, including God, havebeen around forever. Besides the Creation story of the Bible, are there any other points about Christian doctrine that would have tobe altered in order to accept Plato’s view? What about the ‘dust’ God supposedly used to create?EthicsBoth Socrates and Plato emphasized that knowledge & wisdom are primary in becoming an ethical person. Later philosophers will suggestother things as being primary – obedience to law, love, pleasure & pain, faith, etc. To what extent do you think that Socrates’ andPlato’s ethical views are correct on this point?MetaphysicsWhat did Plato think was real? How did he arrive at that conclusion? (Connect it to Socrates.) Do you agree or disagree? If youdisagree, what is the flaw in Plato’s reasoning? If you agree, then why is a rock, say, less real?Political PhilosophyChoose one point of Plato’s political philosophy that you agree with, discuss why, and give an example of how it seems to be true ofthe world or your experience. Choose one point of Plato’s political philosophy that you disagree with, discuss why, and give anexample of how his point seems to not hold of the world or your experience.

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