Social work practice analysis

Social work practice analysis

Specialist Area Mental Health
For practitioners hoping to progress to Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP’ training it ‘5 ”sex:
that they focus their practice analysis on mental health issues. This will enable them lo We
capability in the following areas of knowledge and skill:-
Understanding signs, symptoms and assessment of mental disorders
Understanding the experience of mental distress from the perspectives Of “5°“ Of mi care
services, their families and carers
U”der5t3″din8 mental health in relation to social, physical and develOpment factors and their
implications for the assessment, care and treatment of mental distress
The “383‘ and POliCY Context of mental health including awareness of relevant local, as well 35
national, POliCy contexts
Facilitating evidence-based and value-based intervention that recognise the knowledge. “996‘ and
aSpirations of service users, their families, children and young MOP“? and carers
WO’kinB to86ther with service users, carers, families, children and VOUM Wo9”! and carers.
ln addition to the underpinning values associated with the professional codes of practice

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