social work.

This assignment will be base on controversial issues, like abortion and addiction. my assignment topic will be on abortion, as advocates for your clients and agent of social change, you will need to identify and to be able to effectively argue your point for and against Abortion. Then a stand on what you feel on this issue abortion.
Writing position papers is your opportunity to develop this advocacy skill
Before writing position paper, write your reflection to formulate and clarify your ideas related to that issue. For your position paper choose one issue discussed{Abortion} and articulate your position related to that issue. Follow this format:
1. Briefly identify the issue to which you are responding .
2. State your position [ Remember position papers are not a summary of the reading but your own response to issues raised.]
3. Support your position with evidence and/logical argument. You will draw supporting document from evidence from popular media e.g news paper,magazines,documentries,etc.
4. Do the same for the opposing position as in 3
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