Social Policy Brief

You should select an issue that relates to social policy (such as welfare, health, etc)

The second policy brief should be written for a Non-government Organisation (NGO). You will need to identify an issue and find an article to focus on using a policy forum such as Australian Policy Online (http// For this brief, imagine you are working in a large non-profit organization (this can either by a service provider, an advocacy body). But you need to identify a real organization. Your job is to read the article/report and to report to either the Executive Officer or the Board on actions that might be required. The action might simply be ‘noting’ the report (unlikely for the purpose of this exercise), but it may be issuing a press release about the issue or organising a meeting with the relevant Minister to press a case.
N.B. You should select a different policy issue than the one selected for the first policy brief.

N.B. For both briefs, you should follow the format set out in the ‘What is a policy brief?’


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