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Smith & Wesson Holding Comapny

Please attach and submit your excel spreadsheets here. This should include both the vertical and horizontal analysis for a minimum of a 2 year
period of both the income statement and balance sheet of the company you have chosen. The horizontal techniques you Will need to do for 2 years
are the amount and percentage of change and a trend analysis for 3 years for the balance sheet. In order to do your ratios for the second year you
Will need to have the balances also for the third year back. If you can download your company’s financial statements great. otherwise you must build
them in excel (remember to use excel for such things as subtotals and totals).
For the ratio part of the assignment calculate the liquidity. solvency. profitability and market prospects ratios. Do not merely type in the answers. You
must use the calculation abilities of excel in other words set up formulas where possible. The financial ratios are summarized on page 603 of your
text- To get full credit you must use the excel capabilities everywhere you can to add. subtract. and diVide. This is not a typing exercise.

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