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Management System and Strategies

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You must respond to all 5 sections presented at the end of the case and produce a well-crafted, nicely flowing, clear
essay. Your essay should be:
? approximately 4 double-spaced typewritten pages (no fewer than 3.5 and no more than 5.5 pages of text)
? 10-12 point font only
? 1 inch margins all around
? appropriately cited – for readings from the syllabus you can use just the scholar(s) last name, year of
publication (and page number if directly quoted material is used), for example, (Moynihan 2006 or Smith
2010, 5) ) in the text is fine. All materials that you cite in the text of your essay must be fully cited on a
separate, additional reference page.
? Directly quoted material must be cited with the author, date of publication and page(s); this includes any
readings, cases, journal articles, or other literature that you quote from.
Caveat: Points will be deducted from essays that include lengthy passages of quoted material—more than
two sentences.
? packaged into 1 WORD or PDF file; I should receive 1 file of ~4 pages of text/essay, with an additional
references page. Your file should be named using your first name initial and full last name:
kwilloughby.docx or kwilloughby.pdf
Save your work frequently to a flash drive, the clouds or your

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