Silicon Valley Staffing Position Paper

Silicon Valley Staffing Position Paper
For this project you will provide a thorough examination of a the Human Resources Assistant position with Silicon Valley Staffing(links provided with info) in Phoenix, AZ. You must provide thorough research as each instance of unverified / evidence supported claim will result in a score reduction. Common “popular” internet databases should NOT be used. You will be required to cite a minimum of four sources in addition to information provided by Silicon Valley Staffing in this paper. You will also be required to provide a separate reference page. Please use APA style for all citations.

Your paper should be four to six typed pages. Please use a 12 point Times New Roman font. Please use 1 inch margins. It should include an introduction paragraph, several paragraphs of relevant information and a conclusion paragraph. Use active voice. You should use formal language and grammar. Please avoid “thinking on paper” and make certain to use active voice. Proof read your work.

The paper should describe and analyze the field, organization, and a specific entry level position (your choice) with the organization. It should include general and specific information about the field, the origin and history of the organization, and a discussion of the financial track record of the company. Finally you should briefly (1 paragraph) discuss the future of the organization and why you would or would not expect a positive employment experience with the organization.

Link to the position description page on Silicon Valley Staffing’s website:

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