Service Marketing

Service Marketing
A service marketing plan for a service of your group’s choice.
The service is an application that allows the user to reserve a parking spot before reaching his/her destination. When they reserve a parking spot via the app, a red light will appear over the parking space, and if anyone parks in their place they will be fined. Available parking spots have a green light. They can also pay via the app using their credit card for the parking fee. The application will be launched by RTA in dubai and partnered with dubai police. Also talk about how information technology will be applied in this service? when someone reserves a parking, it sends a signal to the spot to turn the light from green to red.

Please explain who this service is targeted for
swot analysis
important attributes and determinant attributes.

Importance attributes:
– are met by all competing service providers
– do not necessarily sway the purchase decision in favour of one service provider as opposed to another
Determinant attributes:
– are those that actually determine buyers’ choices
are the attributes by which customers see significant and compelling reasons to purchase.

Points of difference, points of parity
and points of contention.

Where in the market should we compete, against whom and on what terms?
Who are, or should be, our target markets?
What is our service product or service concept, and what are its distinguishing characteristics (points of difference)?
What is the value of what we have to offer and how does this compare with the value offered by competing service providers?
• What do we want our service product to become, and what will it take to get it there?

How will we advertise this service?
also talk about The core service:
what is being delivered
Supplementary service:
value-adding services other than the core
Delivery process:
the manner or how the service is delivered

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