Self Reflection

Out of the 10 learning concepts listed, choose two that are applicable to the Business Administration profession. In other words, discuss what (two) concepts have been learned that you feel you you can personally apply the Business Administration profession.
◦ Describe the importance of financial management in the larger corporate structure and the daily.
◦ Explain the concept of present value and its determinants and calculate present values.
◦ Discuss the content and assumptions of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.
◦ Identify practical uses for Capital Asset Pricing Model.
◦ Demonstrate the difference between diversifiable and undiversifiable risks.
◦ Describe the theoretical and practical problems associated with using the Capital Asset Pricing Model.
◦ Apply the concepts of net present value, internal rate of return, discounted payback, and other commonly used capital budgeting techniques.
◦ Apply the decision numerical analysis to get a net present value as a basis of making a decision.
◦ Explain to another how you would handle the qualitative elements of capital budgeting.
◦ Describe the various sources of capital for today’s organization and discuss the advantages.

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