Science homework Custom essay

Science is powerful, not because it is true, but true because it is powerful” Hilary Lawson (1987). What is meant by this statement and what implications does it have for our understanding of science?

• You should use spacing (1.5) and font size 12
• You should provide a word count
• Correct spelling and appropriate paragraphing should be evident
• There should be no widows or orphans, i.e. headings left alone at the bottom of the page
• You should provide references for every citation within the text – omissions will be penalised – References should be written in accord with a referencing convention that is consistent with your major course of study, e.g. APA or Harvard.
• You should not cite or reference lecture material in the extended essay.
• Make use of CASE in order to improve your written expression – (precision of language is essential at level three so you should use a dictionary at all times). Be prepared to extend your vocabulary.

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