Results of educators working collaboratively



Your rationale for using a particular design to help achieve the SMART goal(s) you set for the school you are working with.
An explanation of the KASABs for teachers and students that this design would address.
A synthesis of your responses to the Design Considerations, Parts 1-2. For each area (context, process, and content) be sure to specifically address what is needed for you personally and professionally as well as your study school colleagues to take the next step in implementing the design strategy you selected for the school you are working with.


To what extent are educators accustomed to working collaboratively? What results have they been able to obtain by working collaboratively?

To what extent are educators in your school accustomed to professional learning activities in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) rather than sit-and-get workshops, trainings, or teacher-release day meetings? To what extent are staff used to ongoing professional learning?

To what extent have educators in your school used professional learning as a way to change the learning environment so that all students are successful? To what extent have they gotten results?

What are the diversity issues in your school that can impact student and teacher learning?


What strategies have you chosen so far and why? How are these strategies appropriate to the intended goal?

Have you selected the right people to participate? Why are these the right people? Who else needs to participate?

How do you want people to work? What is the balance of individual, small group, and whole group work? What is the balance between listening and doing? Are these balances appropriate?

What leadership strategies did you consider in planning?


To what extent would either coaching or lesson study leverage substantial changes in learning for adults and students? How will it affect student learning?

To what extent does either coaching or lesson study consider what adults need in terms of learning (KASAB): knowledge, aspirations, skills, attitudes and behaviors?

To what extent does either coaching or lesson study provide educators with the knowledge and skills to involve students, families, and other stakeholders appropriately?
While you may use a combination of designs along with other initiatives at your study school, this week you will develop a rationale for using one of the designs you learned about in Weeks 5 and 6. You will select a design that you think will best address the adult learning needs and produce student achievement gains at the school you are working with.

Consider the SMART goals you set and the KASABs you identified for teachers and students in Week 4. How are these different from or similar to your initial ideas in Week 2? Did they change? If so, why?

Then, consider the following questions in addition to the design questions you began thinking about last week:

Context (and how your design considers context):

How can you organize people so they can work effectively together (e.g., size and composition of group, communication among groups)?
What new roles will educators be taking on (e.g., data analyst, decision-maker, researcher) and how can your design help them step into these roles?
How does your design engage administrators in their own learning?

To what extent did you “backwards plan” your design, based on the final outcome you want? How can you apply the backwards planning model to check the fit of everything you are doing in your design?
How well does the design consider and provide for system effects? How well does the design fit with other initiatives?
To what extent does your design help all educators become leaders and share leadership?


To what extent does your design deepen educators’ content knowledge, provide them with research-based instructional strategies to assist students in meeting rigorous academic standards, and prepare them to use various types of classroom assessments appropriately (Learning Forward’s Quality Teacher standard)?
To what extent does your design prepare educators to understand and appreciate all students; create safe, orderly, and supportive learning environments; and hold high expectations for their academic achievement (Learning Forward Equity standard)?
To what extent do you need specialists in pedagogy in a content area or subject? How are you accessing expertise inside and outside of the school?
You may also wish to review the Design Considerations, Part 1.

Important Note: You are not expected to write a response to each question, but your final synthesis should provide evidence that you have analyzed and responded to the context, process, and content considerations that are most relevant to the school.

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