Residential Building Envelope Simulation Analysis


Discussion and Analysis (No title page included with the Name and institution)
Discussion of Results for case studies 1, 2 and 3
– Case study 1 – Maleny House
– Cooling and heating energy load, over-all star rating, temperature distribution over summer and in winter. Base run had an overall star rating of 4 and improved to 7 due to vegetation and glazing but how ? Why won’t kitchen improve star rating from the east side maybe because of the area of the house? Vegetation doesn’t help as much.
– Case study 2 – Tall Trees Rochedale Unit Apartments
– – Cooling and heating energy load, over-all star rating, and temperature distribution over summer and in winter.
Base run from 5 to 7 as well but had to add awnings on the east side to improve cooling energy but not allowed to install ceiling fans.
– Case study 3 – Toowoomba House
– Louvre system installed facing north and south of the house decreased the overall star rating from 7 to 6.5 because of it why? (discuss) Also, ROOF InsulWallpanel has improved star rating.

Discussion of BERS Pro Simulation
– Benefits to home owner/clients
– Benefits to energy provider and BERS Pro users
– Benefits of BERS Pro star rating in comparison to NatHERS simulation

Discussion Further Development of a BERS Pro software
-what are the limitations of this software in comparison to NatHERS, accurate and other building simulation performances? Issues and implications that may have affected the overall star rating of the house?

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