Task 1- (2000 Words)
According to Timmon’s framework there are three components for a successful new business : the opportunity, the entrepreneur (and the management team, if it’s a high-potential venture), and the resources needed to start the company and make it grow.” (Bygrave and Zacharakis, 2011).
Discuss and debate with this statement?
Using relevant literature critically analyse this statement and examine what are the components needed for a successful new business. Discuss using relevant examples.
Task 2 – Individual Written Presentation 2000 Words-
Develop an effective business plan for launching a new product and obtaining financial and managerial support from potential backers. Explain the key issues that you would highlight and emphasise in a presentation of your business concepts including the questions that you would expect from potential investors and your considered answers to these. Students are also required to submit Ten power point slides of this business plan in the Appendix.


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