Research Proposal

Research Proposal

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Assessment 2: Research Proposal Part B

Submission details: Online, Refer to Submission Requirements (p.18).
Marking criteria and standards: See pp.15–17
Assessment 2: Research Proposal Part B is a continuation of Assessment 1- Research Proposal Part
A. Part B encompasses steps 6-13 of the research process noted in Table 1 on page 7. Structure
and write Part B of your proposal using the following headings and dot points as a guide.
? State the research approach/paradigm you will take to investigate/ explore the issue/problem
and answer your research question (either a quantitative or qualitative methodology).
? Justify the appropriateness of the chosen methodology.
Study Design
? Specify how you will conduct the research (refer to the table on page 7 to see your available
? Justify the appropriateness of the chosen design.
Study population and sample
? Identify who you will be investigating and the sample size of the chosen population.
? Specify strategies and sample technique for accessing and recruiting the target population.
Data collection
? Identify the method/s to collect the information from your population (refer to the table on
page 7 to see your available options).
? Justify the appropriateness of your chosen method/s in relation to the methodology, the
design and the research question.
Data analysis
? Specify how you will choose to analyse the data specific to your selected methodology to
answer your research question or test hypothesis (refer to the table on page 7 to see your
available options).
? Justify the appropriateness of your chosen techniques in relation to informing findings/results/
conclusions on the issue/problem.
Study conduct and Rigour
? Depending on your choice of methodology and design, specify the measures employed to
ensure trustworthiness of data (qualitative research) or reliability and validity of data
(quantitative research) during data collection and analysis.
Ethical issues/ consideration of data collection
400765– Evidence-Based Nursing 2

? Discuss the ethical principles and the applications to your proposed research. Consider the
concepts that will describe and ensure rigour for qualitative research or reliability and validity
for quantitative research depending on your choice of methodology and design.
? Identify potential ethical issues arising from your proposed research that may adversely
impact on your population.
? Formulate a research plan that reflects the proposed steps of the research, elements and
time frames for these steps. Demonstrate the timeline with the use of a Gantt chart.
Reference list
? List the research papers you have used using the APA (6th ed.) referencing style.
? Examples may be available on the vUWS site.
? There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the UWS Library that may
assist you. Please refer to the unit’s vUWS site for specific unit resources.
Additional Information
? There is a word limit of 2,000 words. Use your computer to tell you the length of your
essay and how many words you have written. Do not include the reference list at the
end of your essay in the word count.
? If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% t

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