Research/ Ethical Paper

Research/ Ethical Paper

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Analysis should include all of the following (overlapping) approaches:

1. Moral Theory Analysis: Analyze the issue from the point of views of utilitarianism and rights theory, and then discuss which theory might give the best analysis of this issue.

2. Pro-Con Analysis: Identify two opposing views of the situation, explain each side’s argument(s) clearly and completely, and do what you can to determine which side is right about this issue, explaining all your reasoning in detail.

3. Thesis Paper: Write a paper that honestly and thoughtfully defends a position on your chosen issue. Start by stating your thesis, then give your argument for your thesis, then explain at least one argument against your thesis, and finally explain in detail what’s logically wrong with the argument(s) against your thesis.

The ultimate point of this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you can do careful, evidence-based, morally-sensitive logical reasoning on a reasonably complicated ethical issue having some relationship to technology or engineering. If your paper demonstrates attention to detail, logical thinking, and understanding of moral theories, it will get a good grade. If it doesn’t, it won’t.

Focus: Facebook’s privacy policy for teens may pose risks for young people living under governments that punish certain forms of expression.

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