Annotated bibliography of journal articles


This assignment requires you to complete an annotated bibliography of journal articles which conduct original research into media effects.
To begin you must select one media format or content type as listed in the question. You will need to select one topic that you are able to locate 12 journal articles on (which report original research findings).

The focus of your assignment needs to be the effects of a specific media on audiences in relation to your selected media format or type.

To provide the required depth of analysis you must select one and focus on that media in terms of the four differing schools of thought.

You need to make sure that you locate three articles that you can explain in terms of each research method (Critical, Cultural, Toronto and Columbia).

You must be able to understand what each theory is and explain how it is applied to the research conducted in each of the 12 journal articles.

You need to examine the effect of the media on audiences. This requires you to select either a media format or a media content type for your research

Media format: interactive video or computer games, TV, films, radio, webcasting, podcasting, virtual reality, mobile technologies, newspapers, magazines, email and websites

Content type: news, specific educational (eg documentaries) / entertainment content (eg situation comedies, police/medical dramas), infotainment, reality TV, lifestyle programming, cartoons, blogs, fansites and advertising.

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