reflective journal -3

reflective journal -3

Its purpose is to enhance your learning through the very process of writing and thinking about your personal experiences. Your reflective journal is personal to you and will reflect your personality and experiences throughout the module.

A reflective journal should not be a purely descriptive account of what you did/learnt but an opportunity to communicate your thinking process: how and why you learnt what you learnt, and what you now think about what you learnt.

At level 9, reflection should be critical in tone, looking to analyse linkages between module themes, your learning, experiences, and development.

answer these questions-
Questions to consider as you go along:

What did I learn today in class?
How did I feel about the experience?
How might other people have experienced/understood the same content. Why?
What did I find interesting and why?
What did I find puzzling or unexpected and why?
What do I feel about the way I am approaching the issue, subject or topic?
How am I learning and can I link this to any theories about learnin
How can I improve my learning techniques?
What do I need to know more about and how can I plan for further action?
What other resources interested or inspired me (guest speakers, workshops, visuals etc.)
Looking through my journal periodically, how have I improved my writing, reflection and subject knowledge?

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