From the listing of questions below please choose Five questions to answer using 150-200 words for each answer.
1.    What is the difference between a supercomputer and a personal computer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
2.    Define and describe the four phases of information age.
3.    Define and describe the four basic functions of a computer.
4.    List three input devices and three output devices that might be attached to the PC. Describe the typical use of each.
5.    Word processing tools have many techniques and tools. Define and describe how and what does justification, headers and footers work. Why might you need these features!
6.    Explain the Web Application called mashup and discuss their use in the modern world. Do you believe the creation mashup affects intellectual property laws? Please discuss!
7.    Define and describe the use of custom applications. Are there advantages and disadvantages of using custom applications? Give three examples.
8.    Describe the database anatomy. Please make sure to use words like, tables, records, field, and field type.
9.    What are special-purpose database programs and describe the ones you use the most.
10.    Describe two laws regarding privacy namely Privacy Act of 1974 & The USA Patriot Act. What are their purposes and who do they target? Please explain.

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