Project Management Plan for DePaul Video Connected Classrooms

Provide a Project Management Plan for DePaul Video Connected Classrooms

Use the following project information to complete the Project Management Plan:
DePaul University has recently opened up five satellite classrooms in the western part of the United

States and five satellite classrooms in the eastern part of the United States. In order to provide

students at the new locations the same quality of education as students in the Chicago area, the

University would like to provide video connected classrooms at all 10 locations. DePaul will also

provide two video connected classrooms in the Lincoln Park campus and two video connected classrooms in

the Loop campus. This will give DePaul a total of 14 video connected locations.

Faculty will only need to be located in one classroom while virtually teaching in several other

locations. DePaul administration would also like this new capability available to online students to be

able to watch the class live from their home location. They should be able to participate using a video

camera (if available on their laptops) as well as chat features.

After running a pilot to determine the setup for each classroom, the cost was estimated at $20,000 in

hardware for each location. The project will also require contractors to install the equipment. The cost

of the contractors is $100 per hour and it is estimated that each classroom will take 100 hours to

complete. New software is also needed for the classrooms and will cost approximately $5,000 per year per


The stakeholders would like this project completed within four months so running installations in

parallel is a necessity. The project team will have limited budget for travel but some of the IT support

staff will need to travel to the locations at approximately $1000 per visit.

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