Project Management Final Project


The goal of the final project, a comprehensive case study, is to apply project management skills to a real-world situation. To accomplish this goal, you will conduct an in-depth analysis of the application of project management concepts in the provided case study. The analysis should be organized into five parts:

1. Project selection and initiation
2. Project scope, planning, and time management
3. Project implementation and execution
4. Project monitoring and control
5. Project closure and the closing stage

This comprehensive case study analysis is designed to assess the application of project management principles and concepts learned throughout this course:

• Describe the factors that lead to the effective management of projects
• Explain how projects, programs, and portfolios help organizations coordinate their work and meet objectives
• Identify the multiple roles and responsibilities associated with a project
• Master several basic project management techniques, including net present value, work breakdown structure, critical path method, resource-constrained scheduling, project crashing, and earned value management
• Recognize the different phases and stages of a project and explain how they can be integrated to improve organizational performance
• Identify the necessary skills for effective team development and leadership
• Apply project process and tools for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the project
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