Program Evaluation of Red-Light Camera Program in Chicago

To complete the Capstone Project, you will write a paper that addresses the following:

1 Getting Started –
• Write 2–3 sentences describing a problem or issue related to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management and leadership.
• Identify which type of Capstone paper (Program Evaluation) would be appropriate for this particular problem or issue.The Red-Light Camera Program in the City of Chicago.

2 Research Question
• Identify your research question.Is the Red Light Camera Program in the City of Chicago benefiting the driving public by reducing all types of accidents at intersections.
• Write a 1-page rationale for your research question, including why the question is relevant to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management and leadership.

3 Literature Review
• Write a 12-page literature review that includes a minimum of 25 relevantscholarly articles, research reports, and/or other academic sources. Be sure to follow the literature review guidelines provided in the Machi and McEvoy (2012) text.

4 Types of Data and Research Methods
• Write 4 pages explaining the types of data that may help you answer your research question, including which research method might be best if you were to collect data for your Capstone Project and why.

5 Conclusions and Recommendations
• Write 3 pages explaining conclusions you might make, based on the analysis of the literature you found and your proposed research. Include recommendations, as well as how you might disseminate this information to relevant stakeholders.
The papers should include the following components:
• Problem statement: The general social/policy problem, organizational dynamic, or topic
• Research question: A properly framed research question that addresses the problem
• Relevance: How the research project is relevant to public administration and policy or nonprofit management and leadership
• Theory or conceptual framework: What is the underlying theory that best explains the phenomena or policy being studied?

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