Professional Leadership – Health Care

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In a 4000 word assignment (+ or – 10%) answer the following question:
What do you consider to be the key skills and attributes for an effective leader in social or health care and what are the key challenges to sustainable effective leadership in the sector?
If you choose this question you will need to:
Ø Identify the key skills and attributes, providing a rationale based on your reading and knowledge of the sector;
Ø Discuss the issues which stand in the way of effective leadership or make its achievement more problematic;
Ø Discuss ways in which these challenges can be addresses in order to achieve and maintain effective leadership.
In a 4000 word assignment (+ or – 10%) discuss the following statement:
In the health sector clinicians are being encouraged to play a bigger part in the leadership of the sector. In social work the move is away from recognising  the importance of professional leadership towards a corporate approach.
Discuss this contradictory trend highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of professional leadership.
If you choose this question you will need to:
Ø Identify and discuss the drivers which are impacting upon the health sector and those that are impacting upon statutory children’s and adults’ service to bring about this change.
Ø Discuss the added value that professional/clinical leadership can bring to a service;
Ø Discuss the tensions between the specialised  knowledge and approach of people with a clinical/professional background and organisational management priorities.
In relation to both questions:
In each part of your answer you must make reference to your reading as evidence for your arguments.
You should use your experience of working in the sector to illustrate i.e. provide examples of the points you are making. However, examples from your practice are not evidence as they cannot be substantiated so take care to use them as supplementary material to strengthen your points rather than trying to use them to prove your point.
Make sure that the points you make are well reasoned (not assumptions or a personal viewpoint) and that you debate a range of points of view rather than only providing evidence to support your own.
Make use of the reading provided in the resources section of the module web but also show evidence of having searched for appropriate material independently.


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