Probability and Distribution based off multiple random variables Custom essay

solve a probability problem that involves 2 or more random variables.

The main objective is to obtain a probability function to know if a videogame that came out in japan first, will be localized to America.

In the excel spread sheet I gathered a sample in with the following variables:

Result: Came to America. This field result will always have either a 1 ( = yes, it was localized to america) or 0 ( = no, it wasn’t localized).

Random Variable #1; Sales in japan (million of units). This is self explanatory, it explains the number units that were sold in japan for the specified game.

Random Variable #2: Genre. The genre represents the kind of game that the game is. The number in the fields represent a certain genre of game. It goes from 1-8 and the meanings are next to the column in case its necessary.

Get the statistical data that can be obtained from those fields that helps understand the relation between the variables.

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