International Health Systems Custom essay

Read Chapter 1 (file uploaded). You may also view the American Medical Student Association Web sites to find the leading causes of death. You may also search the Internet for additional information on causes of death, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—Leading Causes of Death and World Health Organization—Top Ten Causes of Death. Compare and contrast the primary causes of death and the health care system components of France with the U.S. Be sure to include: 1. Population 2. Primary causes of death 3. Financing, types of providers 4. Types of public health agencies 5. Enablers 6. Suppliers 7. Regulators. List the components in 7 rows of a chart, using the International Health Systems Template (file uploaded). Identify the corresponding values for both France (in one column) and the values for the U.S. (in another column). Do not write introduction & conclusion.

You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references. American Medical Student Association link: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention link: World Health Organization link:

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