prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections

prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections
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The prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) is a key focus for healthcare organizations of late. Infections acquired during admission not only affect patient care outcomes, but are of high impact to the financial operations of the organization as reimbursement is directly affected. Identify a particular HAI as the focus of your change management and develop a plan to reduce and/or eliminate HAIs in a particular patient population in the facility.
Slide 1: Title Slide ? Title and Your Name Slide 2: Change Theory Model
Slide 3: SWOT Analysis
Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with implementing or failing to implement the proposed plan.
Slides 4-14: Action Plan
Discuss the details of the implementation plan. Demonstrate the application of theory to the specific decisions and recommendations.
? Change theory model
? Steps and processes
? Communication plan
? Leadership styles
? Management functions
? Budget requirements/implications
? Steps to assure staff compliance
? Evaluation
Slide 15: Decision-making process
Analyze the decision-making process used. What was effective or ineffective and what would you change in the future? (Note-Your slides should be indicative of what would be used in the presentation to the stakeholders, and the script in the Notes section should describe to the stakeholders how you arrived at decisions. Then, also in the Notes, describe in parentheses the effective and ineffective methods or situations involved in your work. You would probably not go into such details in your presentation to stakeholders!)
Slide 16: References

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