Biology Project 2/ Classification Research Project

Biology Project 2/ Classification Research Project

The objective of this assignment is to learn a wealth of information about a particular class of living things. Most people know a lot about the cute and cuddly mammals with which we are most familiar, but there are far more diverse and interesting living things on our planet. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the ecology of a phylum or class of living things as well as the physiologyof living systems.You will gather research about the topics below to display in a PowerPoint presentation. Please choose a phylum/class of organisms from the attached list. If there is another phylum or class you wish to research, please e-mail me for approval.

Record and cite all of the sources you use!Include APA citations for your sources on the final slide of your presentation. Don’t forget to cite picture sources as well from the original website used (ie: not Google images).

A. Information regarding thephylum/class of organisms picked from the list:
1. General Description/ Overview(Two or three bullet pointscharacterizing the group of organisms as a whole)
2. Body Plan (How is the body constructed or shaped? Do organisms have bilateral or radial symmetry?)
3. Feeding (How do the organisms acquire energy? Are they autotrophs or heterotrophs?)
4. Respiration (How does it exchange gases with the environment? Describe its respiratory or equivalent system.)
5. Circulation (How does it transport materials through its body?)
6. Evolution (When did the earliest life forms from this phylum start to appear on earth?)
7. Fun Facts (Any additional interesting/unique information about the organisms)

B. Species Profile: Pick any one specific specieswithin your class of organisms to describe in detail
1. What is its scientific name? (Genus and species name, written as two words in italics)
2. Where does it live? (Complete range)
3. How does it gain energy? (What does it eat if a heterotroph?)
4. Does it have any predators? If so, what?
5. What is the average height, weight, and length?
6. Describe at least 3 unique adaptations/ special characteristics of the organism.

Format Requirements
1. Include at least eight related pictures(don’t forget the citations)
2. Edit your information so there is no
a. DO NOT copy and paste information; write in your own words
b. Keep text on the slide succinct and bulleted
c. You can write additional information (like what you might say if you were giving a presentation) in the notes section below the slide
3. Proofread your work to check for spelling and grammatical errors
4. Your PowerPoint should be between 8-15 slides in length
5. List all sources that you used for information and pictures on the final slide
6. Save your final presentation as YourLastName_Project 2 (ex: Newlander_Project 2)

List of Phyla/ Classes:

Fungi (any class)

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