Ppt presentation 10 slides + speech

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Nothing less than 825 words:
Check template example I uploaded.

Create the 10 slides using powerpoint and you will need to send me the slides with dialogue written in the notes section below the slides. I repeat in the notes section below the slide not make the slides the entire dialogue

You need to select/retrieve a relevant and relatively recent (last 10 years) peer-reviewed Psychology journal article on generalized anxiety disorder
Marking criteria:
1- Was the presentation and topic interesting or stimulating? Did it capture the audience? 1 mark

2- Was Apa reverencing of the paper presented on the first slide of the ppt presentation? 1 mark

3- Clear overview given for the research, the purpose or aim of the study must be clearly stated? 1 mark
4- The method section must be clearly explained 1 mark
5- Were the results clearly summarised
6- Were the overall of the study given? Was there a message learnt? 1 mark
7- Were future extensions or improvements of the research discussed? 2 marks
8- Were stimulating or thought-provoking discussions posed? (2marks)



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