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Poster presentation on Organ trafficking
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Poster Presentation:
1. Choose a research question regarding the topic (to do so, you will need to familiarise yourself with the literature).
2.The research question can be simple(eg. The extent of the problem).
3.After gathering materials for your answer, develop a coherent and critical
4. Create a research poster.Information and example of research posters can be found here:
• •
Some extra information:
• The poster should be A2
• It should include and employ academic references: you can gather 2-3 studies
that answer your research question and use them for your poster (in other
words, look at it as a more visual articulation of a traditional presentation!).
• Posters can be designed using MS-Powerpoint or MS-Publisher (but if you
are familiar with other apps, you can use these to create an academic poster).
• You can print posters at Knights Park Library
• The presentation is informal (even though it is assessed): you will not present
in front of everybody, but members of staff and I will be walking around,
asking you questions (eg “tell us about the poster”).
• You are assessed on both poster’s content/structure and the way you present it to me.

Criteria of Poster Presentation
• Knowledge and Understanding: demonstrate knowledge of relevant criminological and sociological literature and research.
• Evaluation, Analysis and Critical Engagement: demonstrate ability to evaluate, analyse and critically review current research/literature; provide own criminological insights on topic.
• Presentation and Grammar: correct spelling and proper sentence structure, which convey points and reflections clearly
• Referencing and Citations: all work is referenced appropriately within the assignment in Harvard Style referencing system and there is a full list of references included at the bottom of the poster.

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