GCC Stability: An Investigation into the Role Iran Plays in GCC Security Essay Dissertation Help

GCC Stability: An Investigation into the Role Iran Plays in GCC Security

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edit my tutor comments on my dissertation please add with reference!! its due tomorrow *** –
i will upload a Word document you will see all the comments on your write hand side + this feedback ! please follow the reference system ! much appreciated !!
The only thing i think u need to do is explain a bit more of ur rationale e.g. Talk about why the issue I discuss is important today and what are the implications etc. The dissertation itself is well written. I have corrected a few small mistakes I have seen and also put some comments on the side for you to think about and act on. The major weakness in your dissertation is your referencing. A lot of information you took from different sources is not referenced. Secondly your dissertation is missing an abstract. Thirdly I would make the Introduction chapter 1 put the Background as a section of chapter 1. Your background is too long which meant that your chapter 4 was a bit short. In addition the word count is on 8500 words without references. Is it not supposed to be 10,000 words.

********- Reference guidance ******* It has come to my attention that a number of you are not providing the full references for your sources within the in text referencing system. Please note that if you are referencing a source, you must note the page number of the source, as well as the author and date within the parenthesis. In rare circumstances this will not be available, however in most cases it is (even if it is an internet source). A number of you are only listing the author and the date. Failure to reference appropriately, according to the APA referencing style guidelines, can affect your final dissertation feedback. I have attached a copy of the APA Referencing Guide (6th Edition) for your information. https://www.lib-guides.port.ac.uk/LG190.pdf

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