Poster for a new business idea


You are to design a poster (using Microsoft PowerPoint)for a new business idea. The company name is called Pyramid-Prints. The business will be a custom printing company focusing on academic/social/business activities. Orders can be made direct and online.

The poster will be marked according to the following scheme.

1) Problem/ need definition –
Identification of customer – Clear and precise identification of customer using appropriate technique. Clearly highlighting customers gains, pains, and needs. Presented creativity.

Clear and concise evidence of customer segment and need. Uses primary and secondary sources and cites appropriately.
2) Value proposition
Statement of idea – Clear and concise statement of the business idea.

Solution to customer problem- Clear and fluent description and evaluation of how the ideas solve the customer problem.

Illustration of Value creation – Excellent use of creativity and innovation to illustrate how the value preposition works.

3) Skill and resource assessment
Skills and resources requires – Clear and concise identification of the skills and resources required for the value preposition to become viable.

Identification of skills and resources – Clear and fluent description of the skills and resources possessed.

Fit between requirements and available skills and resources – Clear evaluation of how the available skills and resources support the case of viability. No major gaps apparent. Clear identification of minor skill and resource deficiencies.

4) Quality of communication
Clarity – Excellent and precise use of text and graphic to support message.

Creativity – Excellent use of creativity and innovation throughout.

Quality – Professional production values displayed in the production of the poster.

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