Political communication project

Political communication project
•    Produce a piece of political communication utilising written text OTHER than an essay. Suggestions for the type of projects you can do are provided below.
•    Related to this assignment, students will be required to deliver a short three-five minute statement in class on their chosen project. This presentation will be peer assessed for 5% of the total grade.
•    The project must also be accompanied by a short statement in which students explain why they chose the topic and medium they did, and reflect on the success or otherwise of the project.
•    Produce a major piece of political communication
•    Encourage students to explore written communication mediums other than academic essays
•    Develop and consolidate students’ analytical, critical and communication skills.
•    Develop and consolidate students’ verbal, visual and presentation skills.
Further Information this assignment
Examples of the type of work you might choose:
•    a political manifesto
•    a submission to a parliamentary inquiry on a relevant political issue
•    a report or brief on a political issue
•    a script for a political advertising campaign
•    a journalistic analysis of a contemporary political issue
•    a literary or fictional piece (eg a political satire or a cartoon)
•    an essay for a political/cultural journal (non-academic)
•    a political memoir
Other important information and advice:
•    The work can be on any political topic you like
•    You must demonstrate stylistic competence in the medium you utilise (so do some research)
•    You must attach a separate bibliography
•    You must utilise at least six-eight sources as research
•    The group presentations will be peer-assessed.
•    While I want to encourage students to be as creative as possible, please be wary of using or producing material that might cause offence, inflict injury or draw the attention of authorities. If in doubt, please check with me.
Short statement on your political communication exercise to be attached to your project
Students must include a short 200-word statement on their project. The statement must include:
•    An outline of why they chose the topic and the medium they did
•    How they gathered information for the project
•    What specific skills and methods they used for the project
•    How successful they think the project was

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