Plan the upcoming holiday party for your company

You have just been appointed to head up the committee to plan the upcoming holiday party for your company, which employs around three hundred people.

You have just been appointed to head up the committee to plan the upcoming holiday party for your company, which employs around three hundred people. Susan, Mark, John, and Kathy have also been appointed to this committee. You have worked with Susan before and know that she will be a great worker. You have met Mark and Kathy, but do not know much about them. Unfortunately, you have heard that John can be difficult to work with. At any rate, you are really excited about planning this party and know that leading this committee will be a great opportunity to show your leadership skills.

Based on this scenario and your understanding of how to write internal e-mails, respond to the following:

Create an e-mail draft you want to send to your committee members about an initial meeting to discuss the party. In the e-mail, include any information you think is appropriate to get everyone excited and on board to make this the best holiday party ever.

Then, respond to any two of the following:

As you developed this e-mail, what did you consider including in the message? Why did you feel that was important to include?Were there any topics that you decided would be best not to include in this message? What were they and why did you choose not to include them?

Sample Solution


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Plan the upcoming holiday party for

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