The Organization’s Role in Community Development

The Organization’s Role in Community Development.

As a leader in a human service organization, you and your organization will play an important role in community development. Your text discusses the role community-based organizations play in community development.

In a minimum of 2 pages, use your organization, or an organization you are familiar with, to discuss the following:

How the organization meets or exceeds the 4 critical functions.
How the organization could improve in each of the 4 critical functions.

Sample Solution


Pioneers can likewise improve their capacity to open the lines of correspondence by posing inquiries that create useful discourse. This takes into consideration nonstop two-way correspondence and trade of thoughts that may not generally become exposed. Pioneers would then be able to sharpen their aptitudes through sound discussion and thought and regard of another’s perspective. Administration style. A pioneer’s style likewise assumes a basic job in correspondence. Contingent upon a favored authority style a pioneer can over-convey, under-impart, or not impart by any stretch of the imagination. For instance, a coercive pioneer can smother correspondence through controlling and controlling others; a law based pioneer’s correspondence style can need heading conclusiveness, bringing about misshaped messages that outcome in colleague separation and absence of responsibility. Northouse (2016) clarifies how situational initiative depends a lot on the style the authority uses. A pioneer must perceive the requirements of the group and give the authority important to achieve the individual and authoritative objectives of that group (p. 94). Suggestions for progress. Pioneers must comprehend their own authority style and how that style naturally influences correspondence. Pioneer’s mustn’t take a one-size-fits-all way to deal with correspondence among pioneers and colleagues, and must “desert homogeneous correspondence methodologies” (Bradt, 2012, para. 2). Pioneers must adjust their correspondence styles because of the group of spectators, the circumstance, and the force of the message, with the goal that the message is gotten as planned. Poor correspondence arranging. Frequently pioneers are so rushed to convey a message that they neglect to set aside the effort to deliberately build up the message, think about the group of spectators, or plan the best possible execution; beneficiaries either are not clear on the aim of the message or get it adversely causing disappointment and disdain. A model may be a quickly sent email reaction or a “speak plainly” response to an ongoing lawful choice. Suggestions for progress. To create the ideal results of correspondence and to convey the expected effect of the message, pioneers must give cautious idea and thought to arranging all parts of the correspondence before conveyance. Arranging gives structure and proficiency and adequacy.>
Organizations Role in Community Development

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