Peer Feedback on Rhetorical Synthesis

Peer Feedback on Rhetorical Synthesis

Paper details:

Provide Clear and Detailed Feedback on the attached essay. Make sure all questions below are addressed

Is the writer’s topic clear and focused? Is the issue presented as one that is debatable and with multiple viewpoints?

Is the writer demonstrating that s/he understands the arguments made in the selected readings analyzing his/her topic?

Has the writer discussed the relationship between the viewpoints that the writers take on this topic (rather than the rhetorical features)?

Is the writer engaging in a discussion of where the writers agree, disagree, or overlap in their thinking? Or, is the writer mostly telling readers what the essays say without providing connection or synthesis?

Does the writer provide adequate textual evidence to support his/her synthesis?

Once you’ve assessed your peer’s work in the context of these questions, work to as to how he/she might improve his/her essay. Would more detail or references help? Would you like to see clearer connections between the different viewpoints and the textual evidence, or perhaps to the overall synthesis of research? Work to provide clear suggestions for revision to help the writer in these areas.

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