Peace, Global Security, & Conflict Resolution



1. What evidence do we have that war is not natural for human beings, and is actually declining?

2. What happens to young people raised to believe that war and violence are inevitable?

3. Name the ten pillars holding up the ‘War System’. How would you eliminate or transform one or two of
of the pillars? You may combine ideas from our authors with your own. You may draw the pillars.

4. Name 14 countries that have abolished their armies.

5. Draw and label a picture of “The Iron Triangle”.

6. In what ways does the Iron Triangle look like or mirror the U.S. domestic gun lobby?

7. How is war connected to police brutality? Draw a diagram.

8. Propose five strategies to improve trust and relations between police and African-Americans in the U.S

9. Name one policy nations can adopt to de-escalate resource competition leading to war?

10. How is the security of women linked to national security?

11. What are the three big gender inequities found across the world, according to Valerie Hudson and her co-authors? What are the 13 strategies governments can adopt to address these inequities?

12. What is Betty Reardon’s feminist framework for comprehensive security?

13. What can Western nations do to de-escalate conflict and build trust with Muslim populations, according to you and Noam Chomsky?

14. What are five types of terrorism according to Eqbal Ahmad? What does he recommend for resolving terrorist violence? What does Haviland Smith propose?

15. What can YOU do to build trust with people from other races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds?


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