Integrative Research Review

1- How many persons were involved in conducting the review?
2- What topic or question did the integrative research review address?
3- How many potential research reports identified?
4- What determined if a study was included in the analysis
5- How many studies were included in the review?
6 – What research designs were used in the studies ?
7- What were the consistent and important across-studies conclusions?
8- was the topic clearly defined? Explain
9- Was the search for studies and other evidence comprehensive unbiased?
10- Was the screening of citations to select studies for inclusion based on explicit criteria? If yes what are these criteria
11- Were the included studies assessed for quality? What criteria did they use?
12- Were the design characteristic and findings of the included studies displayed or discussed in sufficient detail?
13- Was there a true integration of the findings and not merely reporting of the findings from each study individually?
14- Did the reviewers exlpore why differences in findings may have occurred?
15- Did the reviewers distinguish between conclusions based on consistent findings from several good studies and those from inferior evidence?
16- Which conclusions were supported by consistent findings from 2 or more high quality studies?
17- Cross studies, is the strength of the association found or the meaningfullness of qualitative findings strong enough to make a difference in patient care outcomes? i.e are the conclusions clinically significant?
18- Are the conclusions relevant to the care nurses give?
19-Does IRR address the problem or decisions you are addressing in your clinical setting?
Are the participants in the studies similar to those you see?
20- What changes, additions training or purchases would be needed to implement and sustain a clinical protocol based on these conclusions
21- Is the implementation of the clinical protocol realistically acheivable at your clinical site-resources ,, capability and commitment?
22- How will you know if patients in your setting will benefit from the implementation of the new protocol?
23- Should your clinical /hospital incorporate some or all of the conclusions? And why?

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