Partner Style

Partner Style

There are more than one style in this article (What Makes a Follower?) but I assigned to do (Partner style ). Please make sure to write it by using (very) simple vocabularies because the professor know that my english is my second language.

Here are the instructions:
1. Describe in a sentence or two how Rosenbach, Pittman and Potter III (2012) explain the
style or characteristic you are discussing. (Only Partner style)

2.write about one X people who exemplify or demonstrate the partner style.
this chosen must be publicly known or publically accessible (i.e., can everyone easily access information about this person). Person may be living or dead.

3. Describe in five or six sentences how this person exemplifies (partner) style. Be sure that you use the authors’ descriptions of the characteristic
and not your own assumptions about it

4. Prepare a typewritten list and description to submit to professor. Include in-text citations,
if needed, and a Reference page. Write in APA style

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