Paper details:
Please read the following article

and answer the following questions in the Discussion Board 1:

1) What happened in this article?

2) How does the 2nd amendment right play into the situation?

3) Could the shooting have been prevented? If so, how? If not, why not?

4) What lessons about arms can be learned from the issue?

And this one i want to agree with him

The main focus of the article is explaining what happen in Tucson Arizona with Joe Zamudio and how he helped in the shooting to subdue the killer.It’s focusing on the second amendment which is about bearing arms, and in the article it states that Arizona lets people carry concealed weapons without requiring permits and want to expand this right to require the state to offer firearm training this would be titled Gifford’s Zimmerman Act.They want this act for the safety and to be armed in case of a shooting.I do not think the shooting could have been prevented , because we do not now they details of why the shooting started and could not stop the killer in carrying a firearm in the first place.What can be learned from this issue can be that firearms are dangerous and only people that are properly trained should be able to use them and not everyone that has a gun is a killer they might have a gun for protection.

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