Paley’s argument from design for the existence of God

Final Paper on Free Will or the Existence of God
In this module and the next we are studying and debating philosophical issues related to free will and the existence of God. In your final

paper, due at the end of the course, you will explain and defend your own position on one of these issues.
Choose one of the following topics:
• Campbell’s defense of libertarianism
• Harris’ case against free will
• Paley’s argument from design for the existence of God
• The objection to the argument from design based on the theory of evolution by natural selection
• Mackie’s problem of evil argument
• The free will theodicy
In an essay of at least 1300 but not more than 1500 words, (a) explain in detail the nature of the position/argument/objection you have

chosen, and (b) analyze and evaluate the position/argument/objection through a clear argument of your own. Be sure to make textual

references including appropriate and brief direct quotations. Use APA citation style.

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