Current Economic Analysis

There are Internet questions with this assignment at the end.
Problem 1
In what specific ways (if any) does a college education increase a worker’s productivity? Take some special care with this problem.

Problem 2
In what way is Per Capita GDP a better measure of economic well being than GDP? How does this relate to economic problems in the

undeveloped world?

Problem 3
Is limitless growth possible? Justify your answer thoroughly.

Problem 4
If GDP is increasing by 3% per year how long will it take GDP to double?

Problem 5
Given the same conditions in Problem 4, how long will it take Per Capita GDP to double if the population grows at 2%?

Internet Questions
Question 1
Visit the Heritage Foundation website page for the Index of Economic Freedom. How does economic freedom in the U.S. compare to countries

in South America and in Europe? How would you expect future economic growth in the U.S. to compare to those nations? Explain.

Question 2
This site is part of the Bureau of Economic Analysis website. Look at the inflation adjusted data and identify the periods of negative

real economic growth. What might have caused each of these periods of economic decline? You may have to do a little history study. Be sure

to relate your response to the economic theory offered in class.

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