Section B only Please,
B. Description of Improvements- Please explain below in a paragraph or more how you would improve each area of your diet where you may be lacking in nutrients. Make sure you cover each macronutrient category as well as micronutrient category. How could you increase/decrease each area to improve your overall diet plan? Be specific with your suggestions (don’t just say I could eat more fiber). What specific foods, habits, etc could you add to your lifestyle that could help you reach your healthy eating goals? You need to address each nutrient (carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, water, etc…) you are lacking in with specific food examples. DO NOT JUST SAY “I could eat more FRUITS AND VEGETABLES”! For example, what exact food could you add to your diet if you were lacking Vitamin E? Address each deficient nutrient with exact food examples you could add to your diet (even if you don’t really like them!). How could adding/changing your level of physical activity contribute to a healthier lifestyle? What types of activities and how much activity could/should you add to your daily plan? Make sure address each component of these instructions in a well written and thought out response.



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