Monetizing Web Portals

Many good IT ideas have failed because the developers could not gain market acceptance or could not find a way to make money from their idea. Consider some business aspects of the Web. Consider the many Web search engines, portals, and social network sites. These sites compete fiercely to gain popularity among users. Furthermore, complacency is fatal. Even when a site gains dominance, it must continue to evolve or it will soon be overtaken. In addition, these sites typically do not charge membership or access fees to their users. Search engine, portal, and social networking sites tend to look at individuals as their primary clients. Respond to these questions: 1. How do these sites (search engine, portal, and social networking sites) currently make money from this client base? 2. In what ways could the sites attract and profit from use by large organizations? 3. In what ways would an organization use an external portal or social networking service? 4. How could the external service relate to existing corporate intranets and extranets? Answer the questions in your own words

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