This assignment is a library research paper with documentation in which you will examine PTSD, or vulnerable population (military PTSD). Examine intervention strategies you have employed for the mental health problem including referral issues, engagement, (mind-brain-body involvement) and diagnosis, contracting, core/middle/last phase(including the use of relationship and expressions of resistance), termination, aftercare, and evaluation of practice, using one or two practice theories which we cover in class. Discuss your role as a social work clinician and how this role may differ from other service providers, including responsibility of leadership. Include issues of the working alliance, transference and countertransference as they may apply to treatment. Be sure to include material throughout the phases of treatment on diversity, ethics and values, and issues of social justice. Be sure to use APA citation style including, the use of subheadings, introductions, conclusions, etc. Case material may be inserted for illustrative purposes.

PLEASE TALK ABOUT CBT, CPT, EMDR, PE(prolonged exposure)

Please reference journals from clinical social work journal

BE SURE THIS PAPER IS ANSWERED AND REQUIRES EVERY OJECTIVE OF THIS PAPER. use subheadings to ensure you cover the paper requirements

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