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The following essay is an extremely important essay. It is a 2000 word essay. The following essay is extremely important and must be completed to an extremely high standard, nothing less. It must be plagiarism free as I will be able to identify this, and will make a massive complaint and ask for an entire refund. Everything that is referenced within the essay must come from that reference listed only. I will be adding an additional document which has all of the Instructions and Questions Listed. The Question that I will be attempting is Question 2, and only Question 2. Below the question it has the relevant material for that Question that must be analysed, along with the link for the Youtube link for the other part of the Question. Before commencing the essay you must I repeat you must read the entire Marking Criteria in extreme detail, and every single part of those Instructions in the Marking Criteria must be applied to the essay, otherwise I will be requesting for an entire refund. I must use 3 Readings from my Unit Reader, however for that I will be forwarding you in a document, 4 References relevant to the topic that come from my Unit Reader. They are from the Unit Reader. You must use 3 of those from the Unit reader, so from the 4 pick the 3 that are most relevant, however if all 4 are relevant include them all. However in order to pass the following essay 3 of these references must be used within the essay in detail and referenced where appropriate. Furthermore the other 3 external academic sources that must be cited and found must all be academic and only academic, ie, Books, Journals, etc. All of these external Academic sources, must be recent not old at all. This is extremely Important. Find more than 3 external academic sources .The following essay must be completed to an extremely high standard and on time. It is an important essay. As previously stated it must be plagiarism free. I will now be forwarding two documents, one with the Questions and the Marking Criteria at the top and another with the 4 References for the sources that must be used within the essay, from which you must pick 3, however as stated if all are relevant pick all 4 but 3 must be used in order to pass.

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