Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies

Assessment of Diversity Proficiencies

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Throughout this course, you have been immersed in a professional development process that included analyzing data, setting improvement goals and student outcomes, and reviewing research-based design strategies. In Week 1, you completed the Diversity Proficiency Worksheet. This organizer asks you to read each proficiency, write your own personal interpretation of what that proficiency meant, and to think of things you would need to know or questions you would need to ask a school you were working with to be able to effectively address diversity issues in your work. You should now have documentation and artifacts that demonstrate how you have addressed the diversity proficiencies in your work during this course. Make certain to attach emails, meeting notes, data sets, and other artifacts/documentation from course activities that you can use as evidence for your understanding of the Diversity Proficiencies.

Use the Diversity Proficiency Worksheet to inform your narrative that includes the following sections:

Proficiency Addressed:Personal Interpretation of the Proficiency:Rationale:What specific activity/strategy/action did you do to meet this objective?How does it connect to this proficiency? Provide details as to how your actions addressed each part of the proficiency?What did your actions do to improve student/teacher learning?Provide evidence that you implemented these activities.
Evidence:Attach documents, photos, data samples, emails, etc., to provide evidence of your mastery of the specific proficiency. Make certain to black out any personal data prior to attaching to this document.

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