Market Analysis (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Essay Dissertation Help

again focus your attention on the companies in which you have invested your fictitious allotment. Select one company in your portfolio not already discussed in previous assignments to apply the
following questions to:
1. From what you can learn about your selected company (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)since you have been “invested” in its stock, what can you say about its products or services? Does the company
produce and/or distribute an established brand that is widely recognized? Whether your answer is yes or no, explain your answer in detail using terms and terminology found in the text.

2. After evaluating your company’s products / services, describe the “customer value triad” delivered by the company (see page 277 ).

3. State what target market segment(s) you believe your company is currently pursuing? Be complete and support your statement with facts. (see pages 260 – 262)

4. As in the previous assignment, state in a short paragraph what you found most difficult about this assignment and what you found easiest.

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